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Packing List

Arenosa's Favorite Gear

After years of travel and life on the Osa,

we have discovered what works and what doesn't.


We want to take the guesswork out for you, and save you time and money by sharing our ultimate gear (that works in the humid jungle!) packing list with you!


The Essentials

Essential Gear List




The Essential Gear list is the stuff we use all the time and need down on the Osa.  I fully rely on and trust these products and brands to help us stay safe and have fun.  Below you'll find information on supplies and things we recommend.   

To make your shopping easier, I have linked the items to products we recommend.  So, this page contains Amazon affiliate links - meaning we get a small kickback from Amazon in exchange for referring you.  I only recommend these things because we have personally used them and found them to be tried and true.  

[   ]   Headlamp - BioLite Headlamp - Rechargeable

We recommend the Biolite because it has a rechargeable battery!  We have used our same headlamps for 3 years and I can not recommend this brand enough!

​[   ]   Trail hiking shoes - Keens Women / Men

I recommend Keens with a closed toe.  They dry quickly and are sturdy for hiking and the closed toe helps protect you from stubbing your toes on rocks.  

​[   ]   Water-bottle

Nalgene - I recommend a lightweight plastic bottle because the metal ones overheat in the sun.

We have always used the Nalgene.  However, after some research, I am also excited to try out these two waterbottles too!

Grayl Ultralight Waterbottle with a built-in purifier.

​[   ]   Sarong

This is an essential.  You can use it as a cover up, dress, wrap, scarf and beach blanket!

​[   ]   Bathing Suit/Board Shorts.

At Casa Arenosa, you basically live in your bathing suit.  Bring a few.

​[   ]   Rash guard  - O'Neill WomenMenKids

Please wear rash guards while swimming/surfing.  The sun is powerful and it will help save you from painful sunburns.

Women - If you surft,you may also want to check out a onepiece - rash guard because then you won't need to pull up your bikini bottoms if you fall off a big wave!  I want to try this one:  

One-piece bathing suit rash guard

​[   ]   Flip flops

Casa Arenosa has hardwood, and tile floors.  I recommend buying a pair of comfy flip flops with arch support to wear around the house.

Vionic, Chaco

​[   ]   Reef safe  Sunscreen-  SunBum Sunscreen 70 SPF and Zinc Oxide

        Please bring reef safe sunscreen 

​[   ]   Insect Repellent doTerra - TerraShield

At the house, insects are relatively a non-issue.  You will need it in San Jose, Puerto Jimenez and at dusk.

​[   ]   Waterproof iPhone and iPad case

​[   ]   Earplugs

        They make the ride on the Sansa flights much nicer.  :) 

​[   ]   Skincueticles Vitamin C serum

This is my personal favorite self-care item.  It helps to counter the sun damage that happens during the day.  Apply in the morning.  I actually apply it in the am and pm for extra insurance of keeping my skin nice.  :)

​[   ]   Waterproof wireless Speaker - JBL Clip

We recommend this one because it's waterproof.  Our other ones have shorted out quickly due to the high humidity of the jungle.  




​[   ]   Surfboard

​[   ]   Surfboard fins - bring an extra set because you can't buy them on the Osa.  

​[   ]   Surf wax - Sticky Bumps for tropical water

​[   ]   Surf Hat - Dakine Surf Cap

​[   ]   Surf booties - we have sharp reef and you may want some protection!  O'neill Tropical Booties

​[   ]   Boogie board

​[   ]   Snorkeling gear

​[   ]   Swim googles

​[   ]   Yoga mat - Eco-friendly yoga mat with alignment lines

​[   ]   Art supplies

​[   ]   Writing journal and pens

​[   ]   A good book! - Goldwalker by Jay O'Connell - it takes place on the Osa!

​[   ]   Movies

        Pro Tip:  Download your movies at home before departure.  

        Once at Casa Arenosa, turn off your wifi to watch them in Costa Rica.

​[   ]   Headphones/earbuds - Bose SoundSport Wireless Sport Earbuds - they are sweat proof!

​[   ]   A day bag / daypack

​[   ]   Camera - Cannon EOS Mirrorless VLogging Camera

        Pro Tip:  Bring a sturdy zip lock bag to store your camera in while on vacation.

​[   ]   Binoculars

​[   ]   Deck of cards, hacky sack, other small games - Solar Matrix Waterproof Cards

​[   ]   Mala beads for meditation - Healing Crystal Gemstone Mala Beads






[   ]   1 Pair of lightweight pants - Avoid jeans

[   ]   1 long-sleeved shirt - loose and lightweight, in light colors

[   ]   Tank tops

[   ]   Shorts / Skirts

[   ]   Simple, light weight dress

​[   ]   Sarong 

        Pro Tip:  Sarongs are the best!  They are multi-use.

​[   ]   Lightweight raincoat  (waterproof and breathable)

​[   ]   1 warm top  (only if you are going to the mountains)

​[   ]   Underwear / bras

​[   ]   Yoga wear

​[   ]   Bathing suits

​[   ]   Board shorts

​[   ]   Rash guards - O'Neill WomenMenKids, 

[   ]   Rash guard leggings: O'Neill Rash guard leggings

​[   ]   Water shoes / O'Neill tropical surf booties.  

​[   ]   Sunglasses - Goodr Sunglasses 

Love these glasses because they are polarized and anti-slip - perfect for sweaty hikes in the jungle!

​[   ]   Sunhat - Packable / foldable sunhat 


You'll be walking almost everyday and sometimes along some muddy trails.  Your shoes will likely get sandy, wet and muddy!

​[   ]   Closed-toe hiking/walking shoes/Sport sandals - Keens Women /  Keens Men

​[   ]   Water shoes!  (Surf booties) - O'Neill tropical surf booties.  

​[   ]   Flip flops - Vionic, Chaco

​[   ]   Socks

        Pro Tip:  keep you feet clean and tend to cuts and scrapes diligently!


​[   ]   Water bottle


Grayl Ultralight Waterbottle with a built-in purifier.

​[   ]   Headlamp or flashlight - BioLite Headlamp - Rechargeable

        * Pro Tip:  ALWAYS use a flashlight at night!

​[   ]   Extra set of batteries for headlamps


​[   ]   Passport

​[   ]   Money

        Pro Tip:  Cash is king on the Osa, and you can use US dollars to purchase items.

​[   ]   Waterproof cases for your electronic devices!

​[   ]   Watch

​[   ]   Toiletry items.

Biodegradable soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, EO Hand SanitizerEO DeodorantVitamin C Facial Cleanser ... to get all the sunscreen off! ... etc

​[   ]  Small first aid kit

Pro Tip:  It is nice to have your own fresh supply of Bandaids, Neosporin, Benadryl, Swimmer's Ear Drops, Anti-Itching remedy, etc.

​[   ]   Personal medications 

​[   ]   Prescription glasses / contact lenses

​[   ]   Sunglasses - Goodr Sunglasses - anti-slip and polarized!

​[   ]   Sunscreen - Please buy reef safe sunscreen - 

SunBum Sunscreen 70 SPF and Zinc Oxide

​[   ]   Lip balm with sunscreen

​[   ]   Insect Repellent - doTerra Insect Shield

​[   ]   Umbrella (if it's rainy season) - mini compact, windproof umbrella

​[   ]   Aloe for sunburns


​[   ]   Pategonia rolling duffle bag.

I am both a fan/not a fan of this bag.  It is important to have an sturdy, waterproof bag and this one has held up to years of wear and tear.  Also, Patagonia is an excellent climate friendly company.  The downside is I find the bag to be a little bit hard to get things in and out of it and to organize well.


​[   ]   Earplugs

        They make the ride on the Sansa flights much nicer.  :)

​[   ]   Neckpillow

​[   ]   Eyemask

​[   ]   Sarong -  as mentioned above - it's so useful! Use it as a lightweight blanket

​[   ]   Lightweight Summer Scarf - cotton/hemp and super soft

​[   ]   Noise cancelling headphones - Bose Quiet Control 

​[   ]   EO Hand Sanitizer

[   ]   DoTerra Lavendar Oil - It's so relaxing

​[   ]   DoTerra OnGuard - put a drop of it on the sole of your feet for an essential oil immunity booster to fight against airport germs






​[   ]   Ear plugs:  I recommend using these for the airplane, puddle jumper flights and if you want to sleep-in in the morning.  The jungle animals wake up early! :)

​[   ]   Foldable/packable cooler bag - This will come in handy for grocery shopping

​[   ]   Fly below the radar!  Don't call extra attention to yourself and your wealth.  Leave the diamonds and Rolexes at home.  Opt for inexpensive jewelry instead. 

​[   ]   Bring plenty of cash.  While more and more places except credit cards, the majority of transactions are done in cash.  

​[   ]   Vendors accept US dollars and Costa Rican Colones.




​[   ]  Meko Stylus - for coloring on your iPhone when you're on the plane!

​[UV Light


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